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If your roof needs a roof repair or new roof you've come to the right place. We specialize in tile roof repairs, shingle roof repairs, flat roof repairs, skylight repairs, chimney roof repairs, patio roof repairs, roof coatings and more.

We Are the Roofers For the Right Job

Cerritos, California roofing service and roof inspection. (562)567-ROOF(7663). Free roof estimates. Customer satisfaction guaranteed! 24 hour emergency services are available 7 days a week for emergency services.

We Are Affordable and Reliable

Leaky Roof? You have come to the right place. LA Stay Dry Roofing is the leader in Cerritos when it comes to roofing installation and roof inspections, offering services that will keep you and your property dry. We do quality roof work at a fair price!

Three Generations of Quality Roofing

Javier Garcia born and raised in Orange County, California is a 3rd generation roofer of 19 years experience.

Roof Emergency? We Can Help

We use state of the art technology and quality services. LA Stay Dry Roofing company is a commercial and residential roofing company serving all of Cerritos, California. LA Stay Dry Roofing provides top quality roofing installation, maintenance programs and repair services.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Primary Goal

Building strong relationships has been our key to success in the roofing industry. Our mission is to deliver the best possible roof at the lowest reasonable price, on time safety and with the highest roof quality to all our customers.



As solar power specialists of commercial buildings and residential homes we are consistently on the lookout for the latest products that can deliver new levels of efficiency for our customers. By regularly updating the tools that we use as well as the products that we have to offer, we can make sure that the power generation from every solar panel installation is the greatest available at this current stage of technology. We work directly with manufacturers to ensure that even the latest of products is made available to our company as soon as it is released for use. Through regular testing and installing new products for our customers, we can continue to update aging solar systems and provide products that will deliver the finest power generation with the longest lifespan.


Meet The Owner and Founder of LA Stay Dry Roofing

Javier Garcia is 35 years old and has watched his father and grandfather build a roofing business from the ground up, or should we say "From the roof." Javier Garcia is a 3rd generation roofer and has served the Cerritos community and other surround counties with the utmost pride, quality and respect.
LA Stay Dry Roofing has continually been one of the best roofing companies in the area due to their expertise and dedication to quality. With three generations of experienced roofers. There isn't much they haven't encountered. From basic roof patches to commercial building replacement, they can handle it all.
Javier prides himself on one key aspect of why his company is so much more successful than his competitors. Javier does not contract his work out to subcontractors. All of his employees are employed by him and follow his guidance and rules. He believes that you get the best work from those who direction report to him.


Some people are quick to dismiss three full generations of experience for cheaper costs. The problem with this is you're dealing with contractors who are hiring "workers" and not roofers. As a 3rd generation roofer, there isn't mush that Javier hasn't experienced in his 19 years of roofing.
Javier knows the ins and outs of roofing and will be able to correct any issues quickly and without a lot of "Experimenting". If you want to be the guinea pig, then a cheaper or substandard roofer will be perfect for you. But, for those who prefer the job done right the first time, experience is king and the roofers at LA Stay Dry Roofing company have years and years of experience behind them. 
When it comes to your roof, it pays to call the right company the first time. Whether your needs are basic residential roof repairs are large scale commercial building replacements, LA Stay Dry Roofing should be your first call. They have been servicing Cerritos and the surrounding counties for 19 years and running. They will provide you with excellent service from the moment they hit the job site and beyond completion of their work.

Our Roof Services

Residential Roofs and Commercial Roofing: Whether home, office or facility, if your roof needs replacement, LA Stay Dry Roofing is here to do the job properly. All types of roofs are evaluated to ensure that the right materials are used in their replacement to ensure that the job is done right the first time. 

Not only is the work accomplished in a timely manner, it is also guaranteed so that if any issues should arise, LA Stay Dry Roofing will be there to address these concerns.

Our reputation is built on providing the best in customer service, but we also understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer dependable roof that resist the elements.

Roofing inspections: Is your roof still in good condition? Roof inspections can help identify potential issues that may compromise the integrity of the structure. All it takes is one leak to allow water inside that will compromise the integrity of the materials holding up your roof and allow mold to form and build up inside. Once mold gets inside the home, it can be very difficult to remove.

Mold not only damages the structure of your home, building or facility, it also negatively affects the health of those inside.

Our roof inspections service will spot any issues or potential trouble with your roof so that recommendations can be made to address the problem. The earlier roofing issues can be addressed, the less expensive it will be to correct any problems. 

Plus, proper maintenance can help prevent your roof from being compromised in the first place. for commercial structures, an annual maintenance check can upgrade certain sections of the roof which provides more protection. Plus, anything that might compromise the roof will be removed to help extend weather expected can provide the necessary support to maintain the integrity of your roof.

Other roofing services: in addition to the major roofing services that are delivered, LA Stay Dry Roofing also provides a number of other high quality services as well.

• Roof Replacements • TPO Roofs • Deck Coatings • Deck Repairs • Roof Inspections • Gutter Installation • Roof Coatings • Broken Tile Tune Up • Facial Board Repair • Termite Damage Repair • Skylight Installation, Solar Tube Installation and Gutter Installation • Roof Pressure Washing • Roof Relays, Insulation, Dry Wall and More

All of these services contribute to the integrity of commercial and residential roofs to ensure that the little things do not add up to big problems over time. In addition, facial board and termite damage repair will address issues that may prevent your entire roof from having to be replaced if caught early enough. LA Stay Dry Roofing provides a wealth of services that you can review on our website that can be used by all residents and businesses of Cerritos.

LA Stay Dry Roofing has served Irvine for nearly two decades that's in large part to being fully licensed and insured to serve residential and commercial needs. When it comes to roofing services, particularly those of an emergency nature, you want to place your trust in a company that is licensed to follow all state rules and regulations. 

Furthermore, being fully insured means that if something were to happen on your property while our technicians are presents, it will be fully covered. You will be out a dime because of something that is covered by our insurance, so you can rest easy knowing that dedicated professional roofers are on the scene.

When it comes to your property, whether you own a home, business or facility, the integrity of the roof is vital towards protecting the value of what you own. LA Stay Dry Roofing has the knowledge, experience and professional service to address all manner of issues for your roofing needs. Be sure to call our friendly, courteous staff that will explain our services and answer all of your questions. LA Stay Dry Roofing is the company you can trust to replace, repair, inspect and maintain your commercial or residential roof structure.

We Have A 24/7 Hour Emergency Roof Service

24 Hour Emergency Service. You never know when disaster will strike and your roof becomes compromised by storm, wind or other type of damage. It generally happens at the worst possible time, sometimes in the middle of the night or on weekends when many other roofing services are closed. 
Cerritos, California LA Stay Dry Roofing offers 24-7 Emergency roof services that starts when you call our offices. Our technicians are available anytime of the day or night to address the damage to your roof. Whether it is a small hole or a large tree that has crashed into your roof, you can count on the professionals at Cerritos, California LA Stay Dry Roofing 24 Hours to be there to address the issue.

All Our Estimates Are Absolutely FREE

We always have and always will be giving out FREE estimates to anybody interested on our roofing services so feel free to set up a FREE estimate with us today and our friendly staff will be glad to help guide you on your way and set up an appointment with one of our roofers to provide a FREE roof estimate.

Fill out the form below to request a FREE estimate or simply call us! Yes, all our estimates are absolutely FREE!




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